Reputation Management

Reputation management has quickly become a critical component to the online sales funnel for any company who serves the general public.  Review sites are often a potential customer's first contact with your company.  Will they be greeted with a sea of overwhelmingly positive reviews or will they be find scathing reviews from a handful of customers that were simply impossible to please?

Quick Facts about Your Reputation:

  • 41% of those surveyed say they read between four and seven online reviews before feeling comfortable enough to make a purchase decision.
  • 63% of those surveyed are more likely to purchase from a site that has aggregated reviews and ratings than from a site without any review data.
  • 55% of businesses surveyed reported a highly rated service or product will increase the likelihood of purchase.
  • 85% of businesses that had negative reviews wished they had invested in reputation management before receiving negative reviews.

The Problem with Your Reputation

It really comes down to basic human psychology.  Do all the customers who love your company rush to every online review site to rave to others about your products or services?   The short answer is a resounding  "No".  It's always the one customer that was very difficult to please that feels the need to try and ruin your otherwise spotless reputation.  You need to proactively encourage, incentivize, and follow up with your happy customers to make sure they share their amazing experience with others.

By having a sea of overwhelmingly positive reviews on your most popular review sites, you're accomplishing multiple goals:

  • You're giving potential customers every reason to choose your company over your competition.
  • You're creating a "mob mentality" environment by forcing potential bad reviewers to see a wall of positive reviews, making them think twice about leaving a negative review.
  • You're helping to increase your rankings in the search engines, by proving to them your service is popular and your customers are pleased.

Our Proactive Reputation Management System

We've developed a proprietary system to proactively gain positive reviews from your real customers month after month.  The system we've developed does all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on important things like running your daily business operations.  You'll get monthly reports, statistics and suggestions relating to your current reputation status each month.  To learn more about our system and how it can benefit your business, call 607.238.1560 or visit our work with us form.